The Public Fund Survey is transitioning the presentation of key information about public pensions to NASRA and the Public Plans Database. The Summary of Findings, linked above, is now accessible on the website of the National Association of State Retirement Administrators. The Public Plans Database is an online compendium of state and local pension data, provided by NASRA, the Center for Retirement Research, and the Center for State & Local Government Excellence.




Access to the survey is limited to the following groups and individuals:



NASRA member directors and administrators, staff, and trustees

NASRA Associate members

Directors, administrators, staff and trustees of other public retirement systems

Individuals working in the public sector, such as legislative staff

College and university faculty

Individuals working for non-profit organizations with an interest in public retirement systems

Members of the media


This survey is not intended as a benefits guide for retirement system participants. Participants should consult with their retirement system for this information.

Unless otherwise noted, the benefits information shown on these pages pertains to most employees who are presently joining the plan. Many plans have multiple benefit structures based on the participantís date of membership or on the participantís job classification. The benefits information shown here is intended to provide the user with a basis on which to make comparisons with other retirement systems and plans.

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